Corporate work

2013 – present
Mozaika, Sofia, (Bulgaria)
Strategic planning. Business Development in Humanizing Technologies.
Digital Humanities. Natural Language Processing. Data Analytics. Semantic Web. Research and Development. Consultancy.

Business Development Manager and Knowledge Management Expert
2009 – 2013
Ontotext AD, Sofia (Bulgaria)
Business Development and Networking. Evangelizing Linked Data. Founder of the team of Ontology Engineering and Exploitation. Initiator of Data and Ontology Management Department. One of the founders of Bulgariana (,, a technical aggregator to Europeana, and a community for preservation and presentation of Bulgarian cultural heritage around the world. Design and Building of Knowledge Representation Infrastructures in RDF. Data integration, Upper level ontologies, Linked Data Management, Government domain modelling, Cultural Heritage domain modelling, Manufacturing domain modelling and access. Writing materials on the technologies developed by the company, specializing in Semantic Web, especially Information Management and Semantic Repositories. State of the Art Analysis for an European research project on semantic television. SPARQL end point for Europeana Semantic Data, accessible at

Associate Director Speech Recognition Technologies
Bell Canada, Montreal (Canada)
Responsible for optimization and monitoring of the virtual customer service agent of Bell. Manage specialized business analysts. Responsible for the delivery of the solutions, the follow up, the performance analyses and the customer experience of applications based on speech recognition. Manage 1M$ budget. Maintain the good relationship with vendors, academic institutions and Bell units. Define venues for improvement of the interactive customer experience. Defined, presented and won a project of development of performance enhancing analytic tool of 100K $
Created 3-5 year plan for the evolution of a voice interactive system (IVR) with net benefit of 13M$ within 3 years. Deployed innovative approaches of emotion detection and analysis of customer satisfaction in the call daily logs. Conceived a scorecard for staff evaluation and performance enhancement

Chief Linguistic Officer & Executive Director Semantics
Delphes Technologies Intl., Montreal (Canada)
Solution in intelligent information management based on natural language processing. Manage an interdisciplinary international team in R&D with 1M$ annual budget. Recruite, establish personnel objectives. Optimize work processes. Draft plans and detailed schedules. Allocate resources. Produce analyses and innovative solutions. Prepare corporate presentations. Created a scalable linguistic platform which transformed the company into a leader in the field of intelligent information management. Formed a synergetic team with a very high productivity. Established the R&D department internal development. Determined development priorities and guidelines for quality assurance. Conceived and approved technological solutions such as models, implementation designs, pertinence calculus

Senior Solution Designer
Novator Systems, Ltd., Toronto (Canada)
Virtual Customer Service Representative. Conduct research and development in natural language processing to create a module automating customer service as part of a team. Build and execute a project of knowledge packs design completing the atomized solution. Designed an innovative solution for the classification of text messages capable of recognizing various input with precision of 94-100%. Designed a dialogue model with quick extension capabilities. Designed a XML model for constructing VCSR for different business domains. Organized the product development cycle (quality assurance plans and tests, specifications, documentation and user manuals). Developed use cases to present the solution before potential clients

Consultant for Completing a Software Application
Sogique, Montreal
Performance support system for Child Protection. Create the bilingual version of the system (French/English). Designed and developed parts of the GUI interface in JAVA and the connections between the system with MSWord. Créer la version bilingue du système (français/anglais). Perform quality assurance testing. Completed the bilingual application deployed at the Youth Centres of Quebec. Presented at interprovincial meetings. Created marketing presentations and documentation

Corporate Extracurricula

March, April, May 2008 – Judge at Expo Science Bell 2008